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“First of all - you play people, not good people or bad people.
It’s for you (the audience) to judge, not me.
I cannot play somebody if I judge them.”

— Alan Rickman (at Giffoni Film Festival, when he was asked about why directors keep selecting him to play villains)


Prince George vs. Great Granny

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as much as we all including (especially) me love “wild child teddy lupin” we have to realize that this is rita skeeter and although it is very likely that teddy is a wild child it’s just as likely that he’s a little remus lupin the second who victoire walks all over and who hasnt stopped blushing since that bloody article came out

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Tiny Book Pendant

Keep your library close to your heart. This tiny book pendant is a perfect accessory for any real bookworm. Hung on a 19” chain. Sold on Etsy.


Times Tumblr Raised Serious Questions About “Harry Potter”

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when u try to caffeinate yourself and just end up increasing ur heart rate with no discernible changes in levels of exhaustion  


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There are 7 Harry Potter books (x)

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Harry…Harry, you are so loved. So loved.

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